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Tanzania Adventure Travel is a specialized Bird watching operator in Tanzania Safaris. Our target market circles around all categories of Bird watchers around the world, we take amateurs and Veteran Birders alike, however, we take Wildlife Safaris along side. We organise individual, private and large group wildlife tours for Tanzania bird Life

Birds Watching & Bird Life

Tanzania is amazing birding destination. Out of 1,134 species of birds, currently recoded in country, a visiting birder on a 3 week biding trip can expect to see as many as 700 species of birds. But it is only the number of species which sets Tanzania apart. Tanzania protects some the World’s largest and most pristine wilderness areas and wildlife reserves and the quality of wildlife watching and birding in the wilderness area of Tanzania is unmatched. Globally endangered species are still common and up to 39 endemic species ( depending on the systematic definition one follow) occur in the Country and most can be seen by any birders in comfortable safari.

It is not only the diversity of species that makes Tanzania such a special birding destination, it is the quality of the habitat and quantity of the birds, It is simply impossible to rise you head to the sky any where in Tanzania wilderness without immediately see birds.

Above 30% of the Tanzania area of about 975,000 sq,km have been conserved. Tanzania straddle the border between the southern African miombo belt, the East African savannahs and the center Africa lowland forests, which makes for a great diversity of species which can be viewed in relatives ease in Tanzania.

Tanzania is also recognized as one of the World’s four hot sport. Such bio-diversity hot sports for endemism feature high uniqueness of birds, reptiles, mammals and plants. We run birding safari exclusive in Tanzania coasts forests, the Kiombero river valley, the Serengeti ecosystem, the southern high lands, Mahale Mountain and Usambara Mountains.

We are only birding specialist in Tanzania. Our specialist birding guides all carry full equipment to facilitate a perfect birding experience. Our intimate knowledge of  our country and birds life means that we can fine tune any tour to your interests to your season you visit Tanzania.

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