Welcome To Tanzania Adventure Travel

Tanzania Adventures Travel is a local owned Company and run by Tanzanians, the firm specializes in providing a personalized and intimate safari experience. As natives who were born and raised in Tanzania,we have first hand knowledge of the natural landscape, wildlife and local culture.

Tanzania Adventures Travel offers highly personalized and customized tours that cater to a diverse range of taste and budgets for everyone who wants to experience the untamed natural beauty of the African landscape in an intimate and more personalized Tanzania Adventure Travel packages.

Our people bring their individuality to the work place, and share their stories and their passion for Africa with you. All of the people who work for Tanzania Adventure Travel company are professionally trained with years of experience about the areas in which we operate including Tanzania Game Park, Game reserve, mountain, beach and local cultural villages.

We invite you to share our personal and uniqueness of the World’s most beautiful inspiration rarely found when traveling.

To arrange your personalized and customized safari please contact us at + 255 784 454 483, fill in our contact form or you can email us at info@tanzaniaadventuretravel.com